Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Global Gang questions

Hello Hollie! My name is Mari. I'm eleven years old. How old are you?
What is school like in Estonia?
Mari: It is a big question...
Is it fun at school or not?
Mari: I love my school. My school name is Gustav Adolf Grammar School.
Do you learn English?

What is your school called?
Hasel: Our school is called Gustav Adolph Grammar School.
What is the weather like in Estonia?
Hasel: In Estonia in summer it is sunny and in winter it is snowy.
What languages do you speak?
Elena: I speak French, English and Estonian.
What food do you eat?
Elena: I eat much food. My favourites are pizza and mousheroom sauce.
What age do you leave school?
Elena: When we are 18 or 19

Ellie May
What time do you start and finish school?
Kadri: We finish school when we 18-19 years old.
What is the weather like?
Liina: In winter we have -20 degrees cold. It's not very warm. In Estonia the weather is very different every day. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows. In summer it's warm.

What is the weather like and do you celebrate Christmas?

Isabel B
What languages do you speak?
Liisa: We speak French, English and Estonian.
Do you have any animals?
Liisa: I have a cat.
What is your school called?
Our school is called Gustav Adolf Grammar School.
Have you ever been to England?
What are the religions on Estonia?

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Hello Luc! My name is Neit(Nate). I am supposed to answer you question. So yes, we do celebrate Chrsitmas, like normal people:):):) Okay
I wanna ask some questions about your country too.
Can you use blogs in your school? Do you watch football?? If you do what's your favourite football club??

What different things do you do at school each day?
Silver: go to school, then go to classes. Then about 4 or 5 classes we have our lunch break. It's an hour and 5 min!! :O But it`s just enough to get food. Cause all the bigger classes also come in the queue and struggle. So it will take at least 20 minutes to get food without spilling it. We also have a buffet, it sells candies and pies and drinks. Like every buffet, everything is overpriced. So it ends and we have another 1-3 classes. Sometimes we go outside and play snowfight during our lunch break.